What direction should you go?

Recently I had a conversation with a 25 year old active duty troop. He mentioned that he was thinking about getting out of the military and looking for a new career. I invited to my work and gave him a tour and some advice about how to transition from the military. As we were leaving he said that he would love to work for my company, but that he was also considering trying out for special forces...

He had two options in front of him, and they could not be more different. Neither choice is bad, there isn't a wrong answer here at all. But the question remains, what does a guy do? Certainly leaving the military was on his mind, but so was doubling down on his military career.

You see it wasn't so much that he was torn between those two options, it was that he was just over his current one. He needed something new. He had been his current role for 4 years, and wasn't challenged anymore. He felt stagnant and unfulfilled. Sure he could stay in the military and keep on the path he was on. But that is the easy path, the path of least resistance.

Reading between the line of our conversation I gathered he didn't want the easy path, he wanted the path of growth. I told him to reflect for 6 weeks and call me back. That would give him time to discuss the options with his wife, and come to a decision. If chose the special forces route, I knew a recruiter that would love to help him. If he wanted to work at my company, I would help him prepare a resume and prep for an interview.

He called one week later and decided leaving the military was the path he would take. When you get to a fork in the road, there's really never a right or a wrong answer. Life is a choose your own adventure book. There are no road maps, no signs along the way. Nothing is certain and you may get lost along the way, and that's ok. Find out what you really want, and go for it.


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